Get Real, Mr. Obama!

September 03 2009
Written By: Kate Mucci
Matrix News Network

This week the Angeles National Forest is in flames, our economy is in shreds, the swine flu hype is in full swing, Congress is about to come back and wreak more havoc on the country and, now, to top it all off, Dick Cheney has raised his ugly head again with the help of a compliant mass media to try to frighten everyone into giving him and his thugs a “pass” on the whole torture game.

With everything else that’s going on, I can’t believe this monster has crawled back out from under his rock to try to scare everybody again!

It’s bad enough that none of the war criminals including the former President and Vice President and John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales have been indicted, now we have to listen to this rhetoric about how “safe” we are because they were all able to satisfy their sadistic fantasies over the past eight years.

How much longer can Obama and Holder and all of the others ignore the hard facts? All the bickering back and forth about “national security” misses one important fact. What they all did is absolutely illegal. That’s the reality. No excuses.

Now the next step in our particular judicial system is to indict and then try the criminals. Yes, they do deserve a fair trial because that’s what our country is supposed to be about – you know, innocent until proven guilty?

So, we give them the benefit of the doubt and follow the course our justice system is supposed to take.

No ands, if’s, but’s or maybe’s. Take them ALL to court. Try them for the war crimes. Let the evidence come out.

And no hiding behind “national security” issues. What is there about applying electrical wires to testicles that can possibly have any impact on national security?

It is time that every single person who was complicit in planning and implementing extraordinary rendition, torture, or “enhanced interrogation techniques” (how Orwellian is THAT?) should be indicted.

Everyone who was involved in the presentation of false testimony to Congress and the American people to start an illegal, immoral war, should be indicted. Everyone who aided and abetted them should be indicted and tried, and that includes the legislators that voted for the money to make all of this possible.

After all, if you or I gave money, even inadvertently, to a terrorist organization, we would be considered a terrorist sympathizer and could be thrown in jail, and all of our belongings would be seized.

So, everyone in the congress and senate who enabled these crimes by voting to fund them should also be tried.

We can argue about health care reform and cap and tax legislation and bailouts, and they can cash out clunkers all they want, but none of that will fix what ails this country if we ignore the very real crimes that have made this once great nation into one of thugs and thieves.

If we let this kind of crime go unpunished, then all the banksters and insurance company fraudsters and pharmaceutical pushers know that they, too, are safe.

It’s time to get real.

Kate Mucci

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