Fixing Media Corruption? Our Biggest Threat To American Democracy.

I’ve searched the term ‘media corruption’ more times than I care to remember. The hits that pop up are mostly news accounts of various examples of media corruption around the world.


What’s missing in the current dialog is a proactive discussion on how we curtail, and someday rid ourselves of this common problem with our corporate media.


When we watch television, local and national news promos are always making the claim of being so and so’s Best News or, Your News Leader! The media industry goes to great lengths to promote their credibility and public image. As with the entertainment side of television, the many news bureau’s attend annual award shows where they pat each other on the back and hand out awards for a job well done. And yes, from time-to-time, news awards are handed out for assignments that were far from being well done.


So, how does bad or extremely biased news harm American Democracy? Voters will overwhelmingly base their self educated decisions by what they see on television, hear on radio, or read in print. If the information that we base our opinions on is tarnished in any way, we end up voting for the wrong side of an issue or, worse yet, we eliminate the wrong candidates from public service during the primary or general election for all of the wrong reasons.


Our corporate media companies, at the local, state, and national level aren’t stupid. They’ve had decades to refine their craft. In addition, certain political favors have been granted and taken full advantage of. These favors, often written by the media lobby, received little public attention or debate prior to final approval by agencies such as the FCC.


As promised, I spoke of a proactive fix, so here’s my idea and with your assistance, let’s work hard to make it better. When our plan is defined, we ask our elected representatives to make it happen. If they refuse, we finally get down to business and elect people who will finally do our work. It’s pretty simple, and the last time I researched this issue, all we need is a simple majority in all fifty states.


The real issue here is trust vs. money. The people (voters) want to believe that what we’re seeing, hearing and reading is the truth and nothing but. As stated prior, the current corporate media has violated our trust. At the same time, these corporate media companies over the many decades have earned billions of dollars from our political process. It’s an obvious conflict of interest that We The People can easily fix.


If you watch the Bill Moyers video (off to your right), speaking in front of the annual Free Press convention. Mr. Moyers will tell you that PBS and NPR haven’t done a terrific job in covering American politics. He’ll say that PBS can and should do better. Instead of PBS and NPR being self-managed, I propose that the people need to provide much needed reform. PBS and NPR can both provide all we really need for TV and radio political and election coverage. If one PBS feed isn’t enough, we publicly fund more feeds. If Cable, Satellite and over the air providers refuse to carry our channels? We simply pull their FCC licenses until they’re ready to conform to our standards.


Most areas of the country already publish a general election pamphlet. What’s missing is a primary election pamphlet. We ask our state to collect the non-biased data directly from the candidates or issue committee’s and we fund, print, and mail the additional materials to every registered voter.


There you have it. Reforming how the electorate gets its information in a timely, non-biased, efficient manner. If we can inform We The People on how to convert television signals from analog to digital, we should be able to equally inform registered voters prior to any election.


Oh! You don’t believe that you can get your elected representatives to cooperate? That could become a problem. However, problems are mere obstacles, and every obstacle has a solution. One solution would be to apply pressure on President Barack Obama, perhaps via the executive order tool. Or, we request a single issue Constitutional Convention to enact limited power to We The People via National Initiative and Referendum.


Are you motivated and ready to act? If your answer is yes, copy and paste this information and (via Bcc:) e-mail it to everyone you know. If you manage a blog or web site, link back to us… And while you’re at it, go to and tell President Barack Obama to read this web site and be prepared to act on our behalf…


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  1. #1 David Wolter
    on Feb 23rd, 2009 at 6:21 AM

    Get the Supreme Court to repeal the Money is free speech arguments. Institute public comments programs that require broadcasters to open their files annually to the FCC. These comments should provide evidence that the broadcaster deserves the license that permits him to influence public opinion. This should also control commercial time. Political purchase of public air waves time should be alloted fairly based not on ability to buy time, but on The FCC determining how much time should be available for political propaganda.

    Thank You for your input Mr. Wolter. Your comments will not go unnoticed.

      If you haven’t already, please copy and paste this sites URL and e-mail it to everyone you know using Bcc:.

    Change will only happen when a clear signal is sent to our powers-that-be from millions of U.S. citizens. Unlike other reform minded sites. We’re not soliticing money to promote this site. Reform will only come from you the reader if and when you’re ready to act.

    Warm regards,

    Steven Thompson

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