“Mr. Independent” Leaves CNN

Written by: Steven Thompson
Freedom From The Press

For a second time Lou Dobbs has decided to walk away from CNN. Groups that support illegal immigration are dancing in the street and quite frankly, so am I, but for opposite reasons. We’ll learn in the coming weeks what becomes of “Mr. Independent.” My gut feeling tells me that Lou will have more freedom to speak truth-to-power now that he’s going to be distanced from Mr. Corporation, Wolf Blitzer and company.

Recent rumor has Lou Dobbs going to Fox News but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. Journalists, no longer hog tied by MSM newsrooms are more objective once they’re set free. I pray for Lou’s future journalistic freedom from the press.

Here’s a link to LouDobbs.com

God Bless Our Veterans

I’ts rare that we go off topic but, in light of honoring those who wear our nations uniform and, those who have fallen while wearing our nations uniform, I’ll make this exception.

To all U.S. Veterans, Thank You! for your service, your dedication and your sacrifices along the way. Thomas Jefferson said, “Having seen the people of all other nations bowed down to the earth under the wars and prodigalities of their rulers, I have cherished their opposites, peace, economy, and riddance of public debt, believing that these were the high road to public as well as private prosperity and happiness.”

Does the U.S. Constitution authorize “Empire Building” or, installing “Western Democracy,” by use of force, on foreign soil? It’s amusing how our leaders can be so concerned with building foreign democracy while democracy at home continues to erode due to media profits and corporatism.

Senator Bernie Sanders, “Break ‘Em Up!”

Is Freedom From The Press rubbing off on our federal politicians? The content of this article by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders sounds very familiar… Right on Bernie! Now if the voters would only be smart and brave enough to send Bernie the support he needs by electing Independent members of Congress nationwide…

Break ‘Em Up!
by Senator Bernie Sanders | November 6th, 2009

More than a year has gone by since Congress passed the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. The Federal Reserve has committed trillions of additional dollars in virtually zero-interest loans and other assistance to large financial institutions resulting in the largest taxpayer bailout in the history of the world.

President Bush and Ben Bernanke told us we needed to bail out Wall Street because we could not allow big financial institutions and insurance giants to fail because if they failed it would have led to the collapse of the U.S. and global economies.

Today, most of the huge financial institutions still standing have become even bigger — so big that the four largest banks in America (JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup) now issue one out of every two mortgages; two out of three credit cards; and hold $4 out of every $10 in bank deposits in the entire country.

If any of these financial institutions were to get into major trouble again, taxpayers would be on the hook for another massive bailout. We cannot let that happen. We need to do exactly what Teddy Roosevelt did back in the trust-busting days and break up these big banks.

That is why I introduced legislation that would give the Secretary of the Treasury 90 days to identify every single financial institution and insurance company in this country that is too big to fail and to break up those institutions within one year.

If it’s too big to fail, it’s too big to exist.

Thank you Bernie…

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

Are U.S. Elections Rigged?

By K. Hengy - Ops Populi: Inception is a timely and compelling book that drew me in from the start. Mike Lieber skillfully details the corruption and gridlock within our political system while ultimately giving us a story of hope. This is an amazing first novel and a confident call to action. Read this book, tell a friend, and let the dialogue begin!

Written by: Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

The following is a open letter I wrote to Mr. Mark Cuban, owner of HD.net and the NBA Dallas Mavericks… This letter is in response to a recent quote by Mr. Bill Moyers (PBS) who said, “Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy.”

I firmly believe that a large window of opportunity is starring all of us in the face. Americas founders created a perfect union when they debated and ratified our U.S. Constitution. Was the U.S. Constitution a 100% perfect document? The simple answer is, No. There are a few “minor” details that need to be fixed. So, why aren’t the American people busy fixing them? We have the power and authority but have thus far chosen to ignore our civic responsibility… Some will say, “We elect Presidents, Senators and Representatives to do these tasks.” That said, what if the people we elect fail to perform their constitutional duty?

As promised, here’s my letter to Mr. Cuban. I request that each and every American read this letter. “We The People” deserve honest answers so we can begin the process of fixing our nation.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for providing Mr. Dan Rather with the opportunity to continue his craft… I’ll never forget episode 331, Dirty Money Down South…

For over a year, on FFTP and elsewhere, I’ve attempted to get answers from the MSM to this question, “How much income does your broadcast company earn from political and election advertising?”

My concern is one which I believe is important to all Americans… Simply put, I believe U.S. elections are rigged… The largest voting block in America is Independent (fiscal conservative/social liberal)… When Independents run for public office they’re ignored unless they have mass amounts of money to feed the MSM… It’s like a poker game, you either have enough cash to pay the ante or you don’t… Furthermore, as in 1996, even if you have vast amounts of cash there’s no guarantee you’ll get invited to debate your challengers…

Mr. Rather has at times spoke in public about being a, “patriotic journalist, speaking truth-to-power,” and the fear that creates with journalists…

Our nation needs Mr. Rather, Mr. Moyers, Ms. Goodman, Mr. Dobbs, Mr. King and any other journalist with the freedom and courage to pursue my questions until we get honest answers… Has Americas body politic been sold to the highest bidder? Does the highest bidder control both the RNC and DNC? I want to believe that democracy is alive and well in America…

Independently yours,

Steven Thompson, editor

Editors note: I encourage all Americans to “Get Busy,” We need answers but in order to elevate these questions to a level that cannot be ignored, thousands, if not millions of us need to be asking these questions…

And now, a bit of political pundit humor provided by Jon Stewart, enjoy!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
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Can you believe the fact that semi-educated American’s actually believe ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and MSNBC’s political pundits? What I don’t get is why Lou Dobbs, CNN’s “Mr. Independent” plays the same [pundit] game…

Audit The Federal Reserve – Urgent Action Needed!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We have all worked so hard to make an Audit of the Federal Reserve a reality. Together, we have led the fight to get congressional hearings, 308 cosponsors, and unprecedented attention around the country.

Now, you and I face our biggest challenge yet. And Ron Paul needs your help!

Mel Watt (D-NC), Chairman of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, has sided with banking interests and is working to gut substantial audit provisions from H.R. 1207. The bill Congressman Watt has sent to the full Financial Services Committee contains no audit of the Fed’s monetary policy-making authority or transparency of the Fed’s secret agreements with foreign central banks.

Without these provisions, a so-called “audit” of the Fed would be worthless.

The full Financial Services Committee is likely to vote on this bill either later this week or early next.

Congressman Paul will offer an amendment to restore the provisions contained in H.R. 1207 to audit monetary policy and activity with foreign central banks. Thirteen of the 41 Democrats and all 29 Republicans on the Committee have cosponsored H.R. 1207, and if they hold the line, we will have the votes to win and restore our audit.

Dr. Paul has shot a YouTube video for Campaign for Liberty explaining the situation in more detail. Click here to watch the video.

Pressure on the Democrat House Financial Services Committee members is critical! Below is a list of Democrats who have cosponsored. Please call them and urge them to vote “Yes” on the Paul Amendment. Click on their names to get their web contact information.

1. Rep. John Adler, NJ (202) 225-4765

2. Rep. Travis Childers, MS (202) 225-4306

3. Rep. Steve Driehaus, OH (202) 225-2216

4. Rep. Alan Grayson, FL (202) 225-2176

5. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, TX (202) 225-2531

6. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, FL Toll Free: 1-877-956-7627

7. Rep. Dan Maffei, NY (202) 225-3701

8. Rep. Brad Miller, NC (202) 225-3032

9. Rep. Walt Minnick, ID (202) 225-6611

10. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, CO (202)-225-2645

11. Rep. David Scott, GA (202) 225-2939

12. Rep. Brad Sherman, CA (202) 225-5911

13. Rep. Jackie Speier, CA (202) 225-3531

When contacting these members, remember that up to this point, these members have been allies on this issue. A civil yet firm tone should be kept during these calls. They should be thanked for their cosponsorship, told that Mel Watt’s changes to the bill are unacceptable, and urged to hold the line and honor their promise to support transparency at the Fed by voting “Yes” for the Paul amendment.

It is also important that we contact Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and urge them to schedule a standalone, up or down vote on the real Audit the Fed bill.

Rep. Barney Frank: (202) 225-5931

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-0100

Now is a crucial time for Audit the Fed. If these 13 Democrats hold the line, Ron Paul and C4L can win this battle. But, they must vote “Yes” on the Paul amendment when the full committee votes.

Together, you and I can win this fight.

In Liberty,

John Tate


Will The WSJ Spin Ever End?

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

Over the weekend a family elder handed me the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal and pointed to a piece written by veteran journalist Peggy Noonan. It’s difficult to say if Ms. Noonan wrote the headline since it’s common practice for MSM articles to be passed up to senior editors for headlines and other window dressing. In itself, the headline, “We’re Governed by Callous Children” raised an eyebrow or two with this editor. If we’re to believe the headline, those who govern us do so with 0% assistance from outside peddlers of influence. I don’t buy it and neither should you.

I’ll give credit where credit is due. Ms. Noonan states that the American people have lost confidence in how our government handles our economy.  I won’t offer my comments on every portion of this WSJ opinion piece since you’ve been provided with the link above and after careful reading can form your own opinion. I must however draw your attention to the close of the initial paragraph. Ms. Noonan states, “No one believes the bad time [economic] is over. No one thinks we’re entering a new age of abundance. No one thinks it will ever be the same as before 2008. Economist, statisticians, forecasters and market specialists will argue about what the new numbers mean, but no one believes them, either. Among the things swept away in 2008 was public confidence in the experts. The experts missed the crash. They’ll miss the meaning of this moment, too.”

On the surface, one might read what Ms. Noonan wrote and say, “What’s the big deal? She’s spot on…” That said, I’m not your average reader and have a major problem with one sentence that’s 5 words long. The truth, and nothing but the truth, the experts [and those whom we elected to serve dating back to the Clinton and Bush administrations] didn’t miss the crash, they created the crash…

Is there no [white collar] justice in modern day America? If President Obama has any desire to promote justice, our “Three [Wall Street] Stooges” should be arrested, prosecuted and if found guilty of fraud, allowed to rot in the same prisons where middle class and poor criminals are housed…

Public Corruption

Written by: Steven Thompson
Freedom From The Press

Public Corruption, according to the FBI website, “It’s #4 in our top 10 list of investigative priorities—following counter terrorism, espionage, and cyber.” The report we’re quoting from was provided by Supervisory Special Agent Dan O’Brien and was published on 06/20/2005.

After reading the report, what really had me scratching my head was this question and Dan O’Brien’s answer.

Q: What are you doing to stop public corruption?
Dan: “Plenty. We’ve got a strong national program with agents in place around the nation dedicated to the issue. In our investigations, we use every tool we’ve got—our cyber capabilities, our surveillance skills, our ability to track financial dealings around the world. Last year, we opened over 900 cases, which led to over 650 convictions or guilty pleas. We’re also proactive. We’ve got analysts specifically trained to uncover corruption, and our agents always have an eye out for new and evolving angles. We’ve got a new initiative to identify DMV employees nationwide who issue fraudulent IDs for bribes and kickbacks. And we’re working with state governments to identify fraud and ways to prevent it.” To read the entire report, click here.

Here’s the rub. According to William K. Black, a former director for fraud prevention, federal bank board regulator and current professor of economics and law at University of Missouri, Kansas City and, U.S. Rep. Marci Kaptur of Ohio, the FBI transferred hundreds of agents to combat terrorism thus neglecting the balance of the FBI’s duties during this time frame.

So whom do we believe? In hindsight, federal law enforcement were extremely effective in deterring additional terrorist attacks since 9/11, for which I’m very grateful but, wasn’t that a job for which Homeland Security was created and funded? That said, How could Special Agent Dan O’Brien claim in 2005 that the FBI was “proactive” in investigating corruption and fraud when the majority of the FBI’s fraud and corruption agents were assigned to work terrorism?

We can’t have it both way’s. Acts of control (accounting) fraud will likely bankrupt our entire country. Instead of spending money to hire and train more FBI agents to investigate and prosecute white collar ‘Wall Street” criminals, the federal government chose to handout hundreds of billions to the very criminals we should be prosecuting. Somethings really rotten in Washington DC and it’s not just the lobbyist or easily intimidated press corps I’m smelling.

Unlike the MSM, we’re not going to drop these issues until they’re resolved. America has a short memory because the MSM would rather waste time covering stories like balloon boy instead of holding government and Wall Street (con’s) accountable.

The “Real Public Option” and Why the Power Elite Pray It’s Never Openly Discussed

Written by: Mike Lieber
Fredericksburg, VA

Synopsis: The American people have one viable option remaining to stave off the demise of their beloved republic: Convene a citizens-initiated constitutional convention to institute meaningful reforms to their national government. It is the only way to obliterate the elite stranglehold on the public policy process and reverse years of executive, legislative and judicial actions inimical to the “general welfare” interests of the public.

By K. Hengy - Ops Populi:Inception is a timely and compelling book that drew me in from the start. Mike Lieber skillfully details the corruption and gridlock within our political system while ultimately giving us a story of hope. This is an amazing first novel and a confident call to action. Read this book, tell a friend, and let the dialogue begin!

With the floundering public health care option once again making headlines, another sorely neglected public option — the “real” one — demands our immediate consideration. It has nothing to do with health care per se, though it does have a great deal to do with our national health and well-being. Unfortunately, it is a discussion those who wield the power in our country will do anything to avoid, because it is this real public option that poses the gravest threat to their influence, prestige, and wealth. It is, therefore, a discussion and an idea that they cannot tolerate; it must be suppressed, or at least kept out the mainstream, at all costs.

Yet, those of us who love America, who desire to leave something other than her rotting corpse as our legacy to our descendants, must act decisively: We must assert the sovereignty our forbears purchased with their blood and seize the controls of the ship of state that is now spiraling out of control before it enters a terminal dive. Like the heroic passengers of Flight 93 on 9/11, we cannot afford to wait while the hired crew steers us toward our own fiery end and unimagined collateral devastation. We must pull ourselves out of our collective lethargy, at least temporarily abandon our infatuation with our inane pop culture, and tune out mendacious public office holders and the complicit sycophants in the media who incessantly barrage us with “green shoots,” diversions and outright lies while the greatest country ever devised by mankind is pillaged by corporate titans devoid of heart and soul.

Elections will not save us, nor will “tea parties,” shouting at town halls, demonstrations, articles, letters to the editor, blogs, e-mails, or phone calls. That has all be tried and proven woefully inadequate; our nation is being kept alive by artificial means and needs an emergency heart transplant to remain viable. The damage is certain and severe, and nothing short of intensive, skilled surgery can save this patient now.

Many Americans put great faith in candidate Obama’s intellect and his inspirational oratory, but after eight months as our president, his message of hope is yielding to a cold, hard political reality most of us steadfastly refuse to acknowledge: Simply changing the crew in a badly damaged vessel does not assure the passengers a smoother or safer journey.

We the people have been manipulated and beguiled by smooth-talking politicians abetted by the tout media, appeased by the illusion of boundless prosperity and growth fostered by debt-fueled consumption, lulled into a fantasyland of limitless, mind-numbing “entertainment,” while averting our eyes at the signs of destructive rot in the foundation of our society. The entire structure has now become so perilously unstable, even the slightest disturbance could cause its catastrophic collapse.

Members of Congress have openly admitted what is patently obvious to even the most casual observer: Our national government is now firmly in the iron grip of ruthless and greedy special interests. The systemic flaws are so deeply embedded in the fabric of our legal and political framework, that anything less than a second constitutional convention to blast away the barriers to substantive reforms will only prolong the inevitable demise of our beloved republic. History teaches us an ugly lesson; namely, that the convergence of deep-seated political division and acute economic stress tends to result in very unpleasant events and unhappy endings.

In subsequent articles, I will discuss some of the probable objections and resistance from elitists to a citizen-initiated convention. Like most Americans, myself included, they revere our nation’s fundamental legal document, and will voice fervent opposition to any movement to alter it. In their view — using a flagrant perversion of logic designed to support an untenable assertion — the very document that establishes a framework of government vesting sovereignty in the governed, that is, the people, is sacrosanct, and therefore should be kept safely out of their reach.

To be sure, whimsical tampering with our constitution is ill-advised, but at this time in our history, it is not only prudent, it is imperative. It is the last, best recourse to the supreme authority of the United States of America, its sovereign citizens, to undertake the peaceful process of righting our national government, and it must be done at the most basic, constitutional level. In their great wisdom, the Framers understood that this eventuality might come to pass, so they provided for it, though they did not anticipate that a recalcitrant Congress would refuse to allow it. More on this to follow…

For now, I leave you with a few thoughts. First, I urge you to read carefully our Declaration of Independence and, of course, the Constitution, itself, to familiarize yourself with the sheer genius of the Framers and the enlightened philosophy — deemed radical by their contemporaries — that guided them. You might also gain some insights into how they might respond were they to find themselves in similar circumstances to ours. I have to believe they would be at once astonished by the utter complexity of 2009 America and that their basic framework has remained essentially unchanged for nearly 222 years.

Upon closer examination, though, they would discover that the twenty-first century United States of America bears little resemblance to the federal republic they created during that long, hot Philadelphia summer. Imagine how they would feel about the sheer size and awesome power of the modern federal government when juxtaposed to the weak, limited one they struggled mightily to create. What might their reaction be to learning that the ostensible stability of the nation depends in large measure on a nine-member Supreme Court, whose members, appointed for life, function as a de facto constitutional convention, imposing their collective will on the masses of Americans with no accountability? Would they not be stunned when told that it was these same nine individuals who chose a president for nearly 300 million of its citizens? How would they view the current division of powers among the three supposed co-equal branches, which they labored so intensely to delicately balance? Might they be disturbed by the revelation that the vast majority of those in the legislative branch are “career” politicians, who almost never voluntarily give up their power and rarely face any meaningful competition to ensure accountability and promote healthy policy discourse? How appalled do you think they would be when they read recent history describing the use of terror, intimidation, and torture by those sworn to uphold principles and rights they considered inviolable? Would they condone the near complete lack of accountability for the arbitrary actions of public officials, acting in the name of the United States, who routinely flout their own law and encroach on the liberties of American citizens under the guise of national security? Upon examining our financial condition, what would they say about the astronomical public debt and financial obligations placing both current and unborn generations of Americans — who, of course, have absolutely no representation — in the heavy chains of indefinite financial servitude?

These are some of the most egregious “abuses and usurpation’s” they would find in 2009 America. They might wish to die all over again, but more than likely, with the events of 9/11 and the heroic actions of the Flight 93 passengers fresh in their minds, these men of character and principle would shake off their shock, roll up their sleeves and say, “let’s roll!”

About the author: Mike Lieber is the author of the “Ops Populi” series of political thrillers, including the recently released “Inception,” developed around the theme of a second U.S. constitutional convention. He holds a master’s degree in political science, and is a business owner, Army veteran, husband, and father residing in Virginia. For more about Mike and his work, please visit: http://www.op-usa.org

Mark Adams Report – Poor Fathers Go Directly to Jail

Comments, Writers and Advertisers Are Always Welcome Here

Tonight, October 22, 2009 from 9 to 11 PM Eastern, I’ll be on the Rule of Law show on the Rule of Law Radio Network discussing the jailing of fathers for failure to pay child support. Curiously, poor fathers are being thrown in jail in Lee County, Florida without any request being made to hold them in contempt by anyone with the right to do so and also without the notice required for a contempt hearing. Continue reading →

What Obama, Congress, and Wall Street Don’t Want You To Know!

This weeks Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, a Must Watch episode from America’s most objective senior journalist. At the end of this video, Bill Moyers say’s, “Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy.” I couldn’t agree more. The time has come to kick ass and take names. If you’re currently doing business with any corporation that was directly responsible for the “Greatest Fraud in American History” you’re part of the problem. Close your accounts and put your money into honest institutions.

Kudo’s to Rep.  Marcy Kaptur and Mr. Simon Johnson for speaking “Truth To Power”.

ACTION ALERT!  Oregon/Tennessee – Throw These Corrupt Bums (Senators) Out! Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Bob Corker (R-TN)

Earlier today, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Bob Corker (R-TN) introduced “The Federal Reserve Accountability Act,” an attempt to kill HR 1207/S 604 by passing a bill that prevents a full audit and full transparency from America’s secretive central bank.

While language in this bill would permit a limited audit of the Fed’s actions in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and similar high profile bailouts, it would not allow an audit to review the Fed’s inflation of the money supply or its agreements with foreign central banks, among other shortcomings.

Additionally, the names of the institutions who received the funds would not be available until one year after each “emergency” program ended, and you know how quickly the federal government likes to end programs.

Click here to get the contact information for your senators and urge them not to support this attempt at stopping our historic effort to force the Fed into a full scale audit.

You see, you and I have the FED and their internationalist supporters in the Senate running scared.

We’ve seen it time and time again in recent months.

Now, this is how they will fight back — by having establishment senators who oppose a full audit the Fed, proposing watered down compromises in an attempt to sabotage our real goal.

We knew this moment would come.  Now you and I must fight back.

Seventy-five percent of the American people, over two thirds of the House of Representatives, and over a quarter of the Senate support Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed legislation.

With those historic levels of support, there is no excuse for settling for anthing less than a full Audit the Fed bill.  Anything less is merely an attempt to stop our efforts as we get closer to passage of a real bill.

The freedom movement will not back down on requiring transparency and accountability from an institution that has helped to destroy our economy.  This is another test of our strength and will.

Let’s finish what we’ve started.  Take action to stop this dangerous attempt to stop the real Audit the Fed bill TODAY!

Find contact information for your senators here and read more at CampaignforLiberty.com.

Let your senators know you expect them to support the American people’s demand for full transparency, not some watered down measure designed to stop a full audit!

In Liberty,

John Tate – President

Is The RNC Stupid or What?

All good things must eventually come to an end. Many months ago, I wrote a piece that called the U.S. federal government a total fraud. Well, after spending this last week at Yellowstone National Park, today, I feel I need to say that there are exceptions. The U.S. Park service is not a total fraud and I suppose there may be one (USPS) or two other federal government agencies where I could honestly say the same.

Upon my return, while scanning through a massive pile of snail mail, I couldn’t help but notice a letter from the Republican National Committee (RNC). Enclosed was a survey wanting to know my position on various issues so they (RNC) could identify what policy matters they need to re-address. Imagine that, the RNC wants one of Americas most vocal independents to help them re-invent the RNC.

I couldn’t help but laugh when two of the questions addressed the RNC’s recent fiscal policy. Some hogwash about repealing the federal stimulus programs and no longer offering bailouts to big banks and Wall Street.

Needless to say, my not-so-personal survey went directly into the garbage along with their self addressed return envelope asking for a political contribution for the 2010 election. What nerve these idiots have. U.S. and foreign corporations give them billions to continue the massive voter/election fraud taking place in America and, as if that weren’t enough,  they have the balls to ask members of the working class and poor for even more money to give to the mainstream press for future campaign ads.

Is The RNC Stupid or What? Nope, the RNC and Democratic National Committee (DNC) are far from stupid, They’re Corrupt! We The People are STUPID for allowing the Media to dupe us into believing that either the RNC or DNC are representing America as a whole… Imagine, the largest voting block in America isn’t being represented or covered by the mainstream press. Honest reporters call us independents, dishonest reporters call us moderates. Independents need representation and if the mainstream media won’t comply we’ll need to take serious “revolutionary” action.

Steven Thompson, editor

Freedom From The Press

Best “Quote” of 2009

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

Hands down, the best quote of 2009 is:

“It’s hard to enforce fraud laws when the government participates in fraud.” -Ron Paul

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Obama, Protect Our Soldiers!

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

Fact – There is no night time curfew along the roads between military bases in Afghanistan.

Some have said that installing such a curfew is the responsibility of the Afghanistan government. This may be true. However, the job of our President, as Commander In Chief, is to ensure that all measures are taken to keep our troops safe and alive.

It’s absolutely insane for our government to allow the enemy access to major roadways, protected by the dark of night, to plant explosives (IED’s) that are killing our brave men and women in Afghanistan. Using heat sensing technology, U.S. forces should have the ability to locate and destroy any unidentified persons loitering on these roadways during night time hours.

Get on the phone, or go to whitehouse.gov and tell President Obama to order and demand a night time curfew on all roads used to carry soldiers, supplies or humanitarian supplies for the people of Afghanistan.

Truth to Power

By: Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

What is, speaking truth-to-power and why should we care?

Truth to power is a term often used by honest journalists.

Comments, Writers and Advertisers Are Welcome Here

Yes, for many different reasons, several professional journalists take certain dishonest liberties when they report on stories of the day. It doesn’t really matter whether the story is local, regional, or national. Continue reading →

Is OpEdNews biased?

In this mornings OEN email/fundraising blast, Rob Kall say’s, “When you think of OEN, don’t just think of it as a news source. Think of it as a site designed to wake up moderates and conservatives.”

Should I conclude from this statement, by the head of OpEdNews.com, that liberals are the only political group that’s awakened? or, with any degree of intelligence? Without the aid of Americas independent voters, is Mr. Kall stupid enough to believe that his left-leaning servants of choice could actually win an election? Those who continue to believe in the two-party political system in America have become so blinded from reality that I personally have little hope in their ability to help America rid itself from a totally corrupt and co-opted government. Just because a liberal or conservative crook stands before America handing out stale candy bars doesn’t distract from the fact that he/she is still a co-opted crook. Continue reading →

Spokane, WA – A City Held Hostage

Spokane is a beautiful little town with a very ugly public relations problem. As a one-newspaper town, the public, and all forms of the local corporate media rely on The Spokesman-Review for accurate reporting of the news.

Has The Spokesman-Review acted in a responsible, ethical manner when covering issues or elections that directly impact their private business interests?

A few years ago The Spokesman-Review hired a new editor, Steven A. Smith. Mr. Smith inherited some very messy problems that were created by the previous editor Chris Peck and the newspapers owners, Betsy and Stacey Cowles. Continue reading →

U.S. Federal Government ~ A TOTAL FRAUD?

Editors note: I’ve taken some recent heat for making the claim that our federal government is a total fraud. For those who disagree, I must ask, “Why are the two corrupt political institutions in control of our government so afraid to debate those whom are brave enough to make statements like, “American government is totally corrupt?” or, “Congress and the President are bought off by powerful corporate interests?” If the elected leaders of our current federal regime have nothing to hide and are completely trustworthy, why do they run and hide, like cowards, from public political debate? The American political landscape was headed for major changes in the early 1990’s. By 1996, Congress chose to derail positive regime change via the ballot box by stripping authority away from the non-partisan League of Women Voters and handing it over to former republican and democrat hacks under the umbrella of the Commission On Presidential Debates.

Is America a nation Of, By, and For the People? In the wake of what happened in 1996 and beyond, I’d be lying if my answer was Yes. Now, onto the Economic Meltdown created by the [ignorant] 106th. US Congress, many of whom are still in office. If one of those pretends to serve your State ~ Vote Them Out!

Dear President Obama,  Do The Right Thing… Fire Geithner, Rubin, Summers and any other potential crook(s) working within your administration… Call for a complete Pecora Investigation. If once respected people end up in jail, so be it… Prove to America and the world that you’re a man of integrity… Otherwise, don’t be surprised if the people ask for your resignation… We Want Change We Can Believe In! So far, as Dirty Harry might say, “Your Mouthwash Ain’t Makin’ It.”

UNBELIEVABLE AUDIO – 4.5 mins. Timothy Geithner admits he’s never been a banker, or a securities banker. Damon Silvers, “What I don’t get, and I practice law and you’ve been in banking.” Geithner, “Actually, I’ve never been in banking, I’ve only been in public service.” Silvers, “Well, a long time ago.” Geithner, “Never, actually never.” Silvers, “Investment banking I meant.” Geithner, “Never investment banking, ah, spent my entire life in public service <chuckle> in the treasury, ah.” Silvers, “Well, alright, very well then ~ chuckle, chuckle.”

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“Editors Note” The body language [laughter] from both men would indicate that they know the truth but aren’t letting the cat out of the bag. Willie, Bono, Young, Ventura, Black, Moyers, Goodman, Mucci, Rather, we need a “Restore Democracy In America” benefit concert!

President Obama, who’s running the [con] show? K-Street, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, CFR, IMF, all of the above? Do any of these entities represent We The People? You know, ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

MUST SEE VIDEOBill Moyers interview with William K. Black

Who’s William Black?  The former Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention now teaches Economics and Law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

[Excerpt From Interview below]

BILL MOYERS: Yeah. Are you saying that Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, and others in the administration, with the banks, are engaged in a cover up to keep us from knowing what went wrong?

WILLIAM K. BLACK: Absolutely.


WILLIAM K. BLACK: Absolutely, because they are scared to death. All right? They’re scared to death of a collapse. They’re afraid that if they admit the truth, that many of the large banks are insolvent. They think Americans are a bunch of cowards, and that we’ll run screaming to the exits. And we won’t rely on deposit insurance. And, by the way, you can rely on deposit insurance. And it’s foolishness. All right? Now, it may be worse than that. You can impute more cynical motives. But I think they are sincerely just panicked about, “We just can’t let the big banks fail.” That’s wrong.

UPDATE: Thanks to yet another Bill Moyers interview, we’ve recently become aware of a new blog that you might want to checkout. Yes, it’s hosted on a well know newspapers site, The Washington Post. While we’re not yet convinced that this newspaper has decided to come completely clean, we must acknowledge the fact that they’re attempting to perhaps become more objective. Anyhow, click here if you’re wanting more dialog on the economic meltdown issue from yet another ally of a full Pecora Investigation.

Larry Summers -Is Larry Summers Taking Kickbacks From the Banks He’s Bailing Out?

By Mark Ames, AlterNet. Posted May 29, 2009. VIEW ARTICLE

Elizabeth Warren, is a law professor who heads the Congressional TARP Oversight Panel. Ms. Warren and the members of this panel are very intelligent, capable professionals. I must however ask why we’re going through this exercise? We have laws on the books that deal with this problem (Prompt Corrective Action Law). We had regulations and laws from the original Pecora Investigations that were repealed in 1999. S-900 should be overturned by the 111th. Congress. The mere idea of a public private partnership is very flawed thinking and shouldn’t even be on the table. Those who engineered the massive fraud that resulted in the economic meltdown are the very last individuals the American People would want to become partners with. Please, with all due respect Ms. Warren and members of the Congressional TARP Oversight Panel. Stop This Insanity. Press for a modern day Pecora Trial, identify who, what, when and where. When we’ve established whom to prosecute, which may included elected and appointed government officials. Give them their day in court and if found guilty, throw them in jail.

The Department Of Justice needs to be set free to examine the facts and perform their duty. For too many years now, the DOJ has been very inefficient in carrying out its duty. This fact can be proven. DOJ has been in itself politicized. Justice must be served across the board, regardless of any individuals personal power or wealth.

Here’s yet another William K. Black video produced and provided by The Young Turks website. The discussion, once again concerns control fraud that the Obama Administration is attempting to sweep under the rug.

How can this be? It’s common knowledge that both political parties are benefactors of massive campaign finance dollars flowing into a political process in America that’s totally corrupt and non-democratic. In fact, the scheme if allowed to continue, will destroy American Democracy from within.

I often here via the private comment box above that I’m totally wrong in my assessments. “If what you’re saying is true, I’d be hearing the same sentiments on the evening news.”

Well, okay… Here’s a well known journalist with the experience and courage to speak out. Of course, he no longer works for Viacom, GE, Disney or Murdoch.

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Wake Up America! We’ve been duped (a person who functions as the tool of another person or power) into believing that our government, at every level, is working for the best interests of ALL Americans. It isn’t and hasn’t for many decades. In fact, about the same time that most households in America bought a television, the mid 1960’s, corporate influence began its process of controlling network news content. Keep in mind, most individual journalists want to report the truth. However, for fear of losing access to key government or corporate figures or, the fear of not getting promoted, or better assignments and pay raises, all of these issues keep the tough questions from being asked. In addition, corporate interests are responsible for running up the cost of political ads and setting the farcical rules for political debates, thus destroying the eventual integrity of Americas federal elections.

Still not convinced? Read this similar OpEd that contains even more damaging evidence.

You Be The Judge

The following is an excerpt from a May 5, 2009 interview with Mr. Mark A. Adams JD/MBA. Mr. Adams bio can be found at the bottom of this page.

Editor: What I’d really like to learn from you is a summary of how, in your opinion, the justice system in America doesn’t work? You’ve cited in the video (below) certain situations where you really had to stand back and scratch your head… How can this be? Why is the system not working? Have our courts become that politicized?

Mark A. Adams: I wish that it was just politics, but it is because our rulers are above the law.  Our courts don’t work because we’ve been deprived of our right to present evidence of criminal conduct to a grand jury.  Although it is a criminal violation of 18 USC § 242 for a judge to ignore a statute, rule, or controlling precedent, see U.S. v. Lanier they do it all of the time because as a couple of U.S. Supreme Court Justices have said, slaves do not have the ability to present evidence to a grand jury.

Mark Adams - An Honest American Patriot

As mentioned in my comment to Senate Bailout a.k.a. Bank Robbery Bill, did our Founders foolishly leave us with no power to control our government other than through elections?

If you want to find out about the other check on government abuse of power that our Founders provided for us, then read What Happens When the People Lose the Power to Control Government and What You Can Do to Take the Power Back?

Here are a couple of passages from that article which point out the importance of the right to present evidence of criminal conduct to a grand jury.

As United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph P. Bradley said in Blyew v. U.S., 80 U.S. 581, 598 (1871), every citizen has a right to enter a complaint before a magistrate, or the grand jury. Justice Bradley explained, “I say ‘right,’ for it is a right, an inestimable right, that of invoking the penalties of the law upon those who criminally or feloniously attack our persons or our property. Civil society has deprived us of the natural right of avenging ourselves, but it has preserved to us, all the more jealously, the right of bringing the offender to justice.” Id.

Justice Bradley also pointed out that if a person was deprived of the right to bring a criminal complaint to a grand jury that person was reduced from the status of a free citizen to no more than a slave. He stated, “To deprive a whole class of the community of this right, to refuse their evidence and their sworn complaints, is to brand them with a badge of slavery; is to expose them to wanton insults and fiendish assaults; is to leave their lives, their families, and their property unprotected by law. It gives unrestricted license and impunity to vindictive outlaws and felons to rush upon these helpless people and kill and slay them at will, as was done in this case.” Id at 599.

Imagine if a citizen presented evidence to a grand jury showing that a banker misrepresented the payments that would be due on a home loan or that a judge ignored the law or the facts. Do you think that the citizens on the grand jury would indict the banker who lied to dupe the citizen into a loan that the banker knew would result in payments much more than he claimed or a judge who ignored the law?

I do, and I think that the loss of this inestimable right is why our government has become so corrupt and abusive. I think that a lot of the fraud and abuse would not have occurred because the bankers would not want to get indicted, but they currently feel like they are above the law and can get away with stealing life savings, throwing families out in the streets, and having us bail out the banks.

The same goes for the judges, if they had to face a grand jury if they violated the law when reaching a decision, say for example charging someone with criminal contempt for filing a motion to vacate a judgment entered without jurisdiction or due process, then they would start following the law.  Until then, like the bankers, they know that the prosecuting princes will not go after them.

Editor: Mr. Adams, Thank you for your candor. You’re a true American patriot which is something I cannot say about those in charge of our legislative, judicial or executive branches of American government.

Continue reading →

Freedom From The Press

The following is a list of broadcast news programs that have proven through their past actions to be friendly and non-biased when covering Independent candidates, points of view, or Independent political institutions.

1) Larry King Live – CNN – Mr. Larry King should be commended for providing broadcast television coverage to H. Ross Perot and former Gov. Jesse Ventura.

2) Bill Moyers Journal – PBS – Mr. Bill Moyers should be commended for providing superb coverage of the economic meltdown and William K. Black.

3) Charlie Rose – PBS – May 11, 2009 – Candid interview with William Greider (The Nation) and Naomi Klein. Both spoke in favor of a formal investigation and possible prosecution of bankers and government officials responsible for the economic meltdown.

4) Lou Dobbs – CNN – In recent times, Lou Dobbs has become a major voice for Independent points of view. Will CNN force all broadcast media to cover Independent candidates and their participation in all federal and state debates? As with PBS, in the past, when the rubber meets the road, CNN folllows the hurd by giving credibility to restricted partisan debates and elections. Let’s hold out hope that CNN and PBS will choose to objectively report the news and no longer attempt to make or create the news by covering or supporting the two-party debate process.

5) Kathleen Hays of Bloomberg News for this William K. Black update. Bill Black should be a well known, common household name if the mainstream press had any ethics or credibility.

6) The Daily Show With Jon Stewart for his honest interview on 06/09/2009 with Mr. Peter Schiff. I’ll provide the link to the video but its producing advertising with no content. YouTube pulled the video due to a copyright issue with Viacom. Here’s The Link

Are there more than six? Use the contact us link in the header to nominate other truth-based non-partisan broadcast news programs.

Former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (TX) – Shouldn’t He Be Investigated and Prosecuted?

This question is intended for those of you living in the great state of Texas. Was it okay for Phil Gramm to retire from Congress, collect his big government pension and accept a lobbyist job for a foreign (Swiss) bank named UBS? Did Phil Gramm assist in the 5 billion dollar handout given to UBS from the government bailout money received by AIG?

As I’m sure you’re aware, former Senator turned lobbyist Phil Gramm(R) was a primary lapdog for major Wall Street interests while he served in Washington DC. Phil Gramm led the charge to deregulate the banking, investment securities and insurance industries via Senate bill S-900. With little, if any public debate, Congress passed this deregulation which eventually led to the total collapse of our economy.

During a recent legendary interview between William K. Black and Bill Moyers of PBS, Mr. Black stated that Bernard Madoff was a “piker” compared to the CEO’s and CFO’s running the largest banks and investment securities firms in New York. When asked if it was illegal to trade in derivatives that were nothing but bundled, over-rated predatory loans, Mr. Black stated, “No, but fraud is illegal”…

Our news media has chosen, to this very day, to ignore the honest and candid remarks made by William K. Black. We should all be asking why Bill Black hasn’t been interviewed or seen on the major television evening news?

If given the authority and resources by President Barack H. Obama, William K. Black could easily get to the bottom of who caused the economic meltdown that has tossed innocent people out of their homes, not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars that innocent investors lost due to obvious accounting (control) fraud created by the financial community that runs Wall Street. If justice can be sought and obtained for the victims of Bernard Madoff, equal justice should be forthcoming from President Barack H. Obama’s administration and Congress. After all, it was the ignorance of a past Congress, led by Phil Gramm, that swung the doors wide open for the fraud to develop and mushroom to a magnitude now deemed as, “Too Big To Fail”.

The watchdog press (if we had one) should be demanding and saying, “Too Big To Continue. Repeal S-900″. Today’s U.S. government should be holding those responsible 100% accountable, neither are happening. Why? Perhaps the advertising revenues and political campaign funds coming from Wall Street has permanently intoxicated our government and mainstream media. Are these folks acting in a just and ethical manner? How much longer should we hold out hope that either our government or media can once again become credible?

Yes, I’ve presented more questions than answers. But, at least I have the honesty and courage to ask these questions. Can that be said of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, or the Associated Press?

Kudos to Rolling Stone magazine for having the integrity to publish this article, The Great American Bubble Machine… 

To add your comment, click the blue title above this or any article on this site…

CBS Anchor Katie Couric Discussing News Media Standards

Appearing on the July 28, 2009 broadcast of The Late Show with David Letterman, Couric speaks about modern era news standards and the role the Internet has played in the evolution of news. Click the rt. arrow below to play the audio clip.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Katie Couric, CBS News anchor, “It’s a very different environment, standards have been lowered. I think, partially because in some cases the Internet. And in other cases the need for 24 hour news. So sometimes sources can’t be checked. Things get on the air -that opinion often passes as fact.”

Letterman, “How can the Internet be charged with lowering the (standards) bar”

Couric, “Well, I think it’s the democratization of the media, which is a good thing. I think the more people who have voices the better. I just think there are many opinions out there without portfolio and it’s hard to, I think, sometimes differentiate people who are knowledgeable, experienced, understanding of the news vs. people who are just spouting their opinions.”

Letterman, “Is this an ongoing philosophical conversation you have with CBS News? Do we (Letterman also appearing on CBS) bend a little bit because this is the way things are?”

Couric, “No, I don’t think our (CBS News) standards have changed at all.”

Letterman, “And do you think that perhaps that would be detrimental to you and the organization?”

Couric, “If we lowered our standards?”

Letterman, “If we lowered our standards, yeah?”

Couric, “Yes I do. I mean, you know, hopefully people still want to have credible, accurate, news sources.”

Ms. Couric, with all due respect, and I sincerely mean that, how could anyone in your position of power believe that CBS News is either credible or accurate? To be credible there can be no secrets. You must also not be afraid to ask any specific person any specific question. To be accurate, every angle of every important news story would receive equal attention to detail and editing.

It’s rare that I post the same audio clip into a piece that can be found on another piece within this site. However, this clip is from a former CBS anchor speaking on the issue of, asking tough questions and not allowing the question to go unanswered.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Let’s be totally honest here Katie. You and I both know that certain issues, persons or agents of influence are denied or restricted from objective coverage on CBS News.

The people aren’t interested in Texas Congressman Ron Paul or, professor/former federal banking regulator William K. Black… Who cares if certain New York CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s are guilty of committing accounting fraud? Why did former Senator Phil Gramm feel so strongly about gutting the Glass-Steagall Act? and who’s money was behind the gutting? Why did Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac even concern themselves over liability language in the GFLA? and who’s money went south to defeat former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes? Could some of these same “money” sources who campaigned and financially supported deregulation (S-900) also become recipients of hundreds of billions of future US tax obligation (TARP/Bailout Funds)?

These are just a few questions that on rare occasion go asked? How could the governed (meaning you and I) ever give our consent if we’re always kept in the dark? CBS News has the talent and the ability to report the truth and nothing but the truth. What they and other major news media organizations seem to lack is the will.

And finally, the size or value of ones media portfolio has no bearing on what questions are being asked of whom. At this particular site, we ask the questions that the mainstream press would rather ignore. That’s not opinion but fact. If you still believe that your organization (CBS News) is credible and not what this site believes it to be, an elitist-controlled purveyor of propaganda, simply scan this entire site and take note of all of our unanswered questions. Once collected, give these questions to your finest reporters and tell them to get ‘real’ answers.

In other words, don’t tell me that CBS News has high standards, show me!

Steven Thompson, Admin
Freedom From The Press

Is The US Government Secretly Torturing US Citizens?

In as many months, two US citizens have contacted me with stories that are similar. One person claims that through the use of high technology devices, someone claiming to be associated with the US Marshall’s office is able to speak to him 24/7. If the subject is with other people, no one but the subject can hear the voice or voices. It doesn’t matter if the subject is sitting in his quiet home or riding the subway. Two-way communication will occur at any time… Here’s a link to this subjects website: http://www.daprocess.com

The second subject claims to be a veteran of the Vietnam war, well educated, decorated, former special agent of the FBI (1971-1978). Here’s a link http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/targetedforterro.html to a summary written by: Barbara Hartwell, Legal Defense and Research Fund, PO Box 7487, Ocean Park Maine 04063…

At the present time, Freedom From The Press doesn’t have the required staff or funding to further research these allegations. Both subjects lay claim that the mainstream broadcast media ignores their stories and concerns.

If our US Federal government is in fact torturing US citizens, with or without due process, the mainstream broadcast media in America is equally responsible since they refuse to expose these alleged unconstitutional acts committed against US citizens.

Both subjects have indicated their desire to openly testify, under oath, before a federal grand jury. In both cases, internal investigations by various agencies of the US Department of Justice and the US Marshall’s Service claim that the subjects allegations are without merit and the formal complaints have been closed.

You be the judge!.. (Yes or No) Should  American citizens have a legal process to question the constitutional integrity of US government officials or agencies? And if such a process existed, wouldn’t the US government become more accountable to the American public at large?

Freedom From The Press fully supports due process. We support the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Does the US Government derive 100% of it’s just powers from the consent of the governed? As attorney Mark Adams of South Florida has already stated on this website. US citizens have been stripped of their ability to call for a grand jury to litigate grievances between US citizens and their government. This reality therefore turns law abiding US citizens into slaves.

Here’s yet another story on CIA abuses: http://pubrecord.org/commentary/3151/panettas-pathetic-attempt-cia/

To offer your comments, click the title of this story and use the comment box at the bottom of the article.

Steven Thompson
Freedom From The Press

Are Americans Prepared For A Second Revolution?

As Thomas Jefferson famously quipped in regard to the insurrection: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

In 2009, who are the “patriots” and, who are the “tyrants”?

For several month now, Independent News Services has collected bits a pieces of information from various sources to include William K. Black and former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. Both men spoke in separate interviews about government corruption and corporate greed that have all but destroyed our American form of democracy. Something’s rotten in our republic, can you the reader see it? Or better yet, smell it?

When I think of Larry Flint, I visualize naked women in various erotic poses. The models know going in that they’ll be asked to bare all, leaving nothing to the imagination. The same should be expected when Larry Flint decides to cover politics and corporate/government corruption. Here’s a link that should become required reading for all Americans and especially those of you attending Americas best and brightest Universities. From several sources, the greatest scam in American history is being exposed for all to see. What remains unknown is how the American people are going to respond and, when will the mainstream broadcast media realize that they’re part of the problem, not the solution. Common Sense 2009 

After reading Common Sense 2009, click the title of this article and offer your comments and concerns. I’m afraid that time isn’t on our side (patriots) if we, as concerned American citizens, continue to pretend that this really isn’t of major concern to America… 

Steven Thompson

Freedom From The Press

What’s the definition of an American patriot?

It’s become totally apparent that Americans have become divided into one of two camps. Contrary to the propaganda of the mainstream press, it’s not liberal and conservative, it’s really the camp of the elitist and the patriots.

But what is a patriot and what is an elitist?

In my opinion, a patriot is one who will fight to protect the freedom and liberty that all Americans enjoy. While an elitist only cares about making or preserving enormous wealth.

Is Barack Obama a patriot or an elitist? He, as well as George Bush and Bill Clinton would want you to believe that they’re patriots. After all, all three raised their right hands and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Looking back, I personally have grave concern for the constitutional integrity of all three.

As a citizen, there are laws that I must respect and abide by. Are the elite held to the same rule of law?

If I were to steal billions of dollars from innocent Americans, I’d fully expect some form of investigation and possible prosecution for my actions. Can the same be said for the heads of CityGroup, AIG, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, IndyMac or Merrill Lynch? These individuals, and others, are directly responsible for the largest commission of accounting fraud in American history. They must be “above” the law since neither Bill Clinton, George Bush or Barack Obama have publicly demanded any form of criminal investigation.

That said, Clinton, Bush and Obama are in the camp of the elite and, it’s now up to us patriots to let them know our contempt for their total lack of honesty or integrity.

Yes, in an indirect way, I’m wanting an answer from all three US Presidents. I’m not wanting to pick a fight. I’m wanting honesty and integrity to prevail. I do not fear to ask these individuals any question. They can run and hide, like cowards, therefore ignoring these questions or, they can stand tall by providing us with honest answers and a real investigation into financial wrongdoing by Americas elite.

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

Mark Adams Report 08/24/2009

On Tuesday, August 25, 2009, I’ll be a guest on Les Winston’s radio show from 10:00 AM until 12:00 Noon broadcast on WZAB 880AM in Miami, Florida. You can listen live on the internet at http://www.880thebiz.com/

The topic is the Florida Bar. The Bar claims that it is the guardian of democracy; however, that claim is false. Actually, the Bar helped shut down the election contests that I was handling in which we had proof that elections in Florida were stolen in 2006. For more on that, see the following: Continue reading →

UCLA Gets To The Truth Of Our Economic Meltdown

Some of America’s wealthiest CEO’s from many financial disciplines are Crooks.

Americans have been ripped off while Bush and now Obama look the other way. In fact, Obama has been recently seen playing golf and mingling with some of these very crooks. If by now you’re still under the impression that Obama isn’t a servant for the elite, I, nor anyone else can help you.

This video contains information that Ivy League Schools, the mainstream media and Wall Street don’t want you to know. Click the title to offer your comments and concerns.

No Compromise on Audit The Fed!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Our grassroots Revolution has set its sights on restoring a sound monetary policy to our nation, and every day we are awakening more of our countrymen to the dangers of Federal Reserve secrecy and its stranglehold on our economy.

A year ago, no one in the political establishment would have believed that a bill to thoroughly audit the Fed would have almost two-thirds of the House (including every Republican representative and nearly one hundred Democrats) and a quarter of the Senate on board. Continue reading →

Get Real, Mr. Obama!

September 03 2009
Written By: Kate Mucci
Matrix News Network

This week the Angeles National Forest is in flames, our economy is in shreds, the swine flu hype is in full swing, Congress is about to come back and wreak more havoc on the country and, now, to top it all off, Dick Cheney has raised his ugly head again with the help of a compliant mass media to try to frighten everyone into giving him and his thugs a “pass” on the whole torture game.

With everything else that’s going on, I can’t believe this monster has crawled back out from under his rock to try to scare everybody again!

It’s bad enough that none of the war criminals including the former President and Vice President and John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales have been indicted, now we have to listen to this rhetoric about how “safe” we are because they were all able to satisfy their sadistic fantasies over the past eight years.

How much longer can Obama and Holder and all of the others ignore the hard facts? All the bickering back and forth about “national security” misses one important fact. What they all did is absolutely illegal. That’s the reality. No excuses.

Now the next step in our particular judicial system is to indict and then try the criminals. Yes, they do deserve a fair trial because that’s what our country is supposed to be about – you know, innocent until proven guilty?

So, we give them the benefit of the doubt and follow the course our justice system is supposed to take.

No ands, if’s, but’s or maybe’s. Take them ALL to court. Try them for the war crimes. Let the evidence come out.

And no hiding behind “national security” issues. What is there about applying electrical wires to testicles that can possibly have any impact on national security?

It is time that every single person who was complicit in planning and implementing extraordinary rendition, torture, or “enhanced interrogation techniques” (how Orwellian is THAT?) should be indicted.

Everyone who was involved in the presentation of false testimony to Congress and the American people to start an illegal, immoral war, should be indicted. Everyone who aided and abetted them should be indicted and tried, and that includes the legislators that voted for the money to make all of this possible.

After all, if you or I gave money, even inadvertently, to a terrorist organization, we would be considered a terrorist sympathizer and could be thrown in jail, and all of our belongings would be seized.

So, everyone in the congress and senate who enabled these crimes by voting to fund them should also be tried.

We can argue about health care reform and cap and tax legislation and bailouts, and they can cash out clunkers all they want, but none of that will fix what ails this country if we ignore the very real crimes that have made this once great nation into one of thugs and thieves.

If we let this kind of crime go unpunished, then all the banksters and insurance company fraudsters and pharmaceutical pushers know that they, too, are safe.

It’s time to get real.

Kate Mucci

Transparent Change

Hello everyone,

Below are some very important questions that the actor Charlie Sheen has compiled concerning the US government and the mainstream corporate media’s story concerning September 11th 2001….

You can watch additional video at this weblink: http://www.infowars.com/twenty-minutes-with-the-president/

Provided by: Adam Haines adamhaines@gmail.com

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, while he was out promoting his health care reform initiative. I requested 30 minutes given the scope and detail of my inquiry; they said I could have 20. Twenty minutes, 1200 seconds, not a lot of time to question the President about one of the most important events in our nation’s history. The following is a transcript of our remarkable discussion. Continue reading →

G20 Protest Coverage

G20 Protest Coverage
September 26, 2009 by Mark Adams
Courtesy of: The Daily Censored

Check out Republic Media’s coverage of the G20 protests in Pittsburgh.

If you want to know why “law” enforcement and the government can get away with beating and shooting peaceful protestors who are simply trying to exercise their 1st Amendment rights to assemble and speak out against the G20, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? and don’t miss my 18 minute speech. Continue reading →

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