Written by: Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The Press

For the last two years I’ve grown and learned as a person and citizen by watching Free Speech TV. This channel is 100% supported by “We The People”. There are no corporate advertisers that influence what NEWS is being covered or not covered on FSTV. As you can clearly see by those who have taken time to vote in our polls, over 94% have lost faith in the mainstream press, and with very good reason.

What you get on a daily basis on FSTV is 100% populism. FSTV is American Democracy in Action. Daily American political shows include Laura Flanders GRITtv, Thom Hartmann, and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. Yes, at times I won’t agree with a particular issue and how it’s being portrayed. That said, neither will I agree with everything I hear and see on CNN or Fox News or MSNBC.

Do yourself and America a BIG favor. Get FSTV, even if it means dumping DirecTV and installing Dish Network. If you’re on Cable and not sure if FSTV is offered in your area, click here and see if you’re on the broadcast list. If not, call your cable operator and ask for FSTV. If they decline, call Dish Network.

Free Speech TV, it’s a breath of fresh air without the daily arrogance of over paid MSM news anchors or pundits. FSTV, a must have for Independents, Populists and Progressives. And NO, I’m not employed or being paid to write this recommendation. It’s from the heart and soul of a very concerned citizen who’s attempting to make a serious difference in saving America from corporate oppression and tyranny.