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Jake Towne


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has accepted the signatures submitted, and Jake Towne is now an official candidate for United States Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th district which covers Northampton, most of Lehigh, and parts of Berks and Montgomery counties. Towne, an independent, will square off against two Establishment-backed career politicians in the November 2nd election.

While 3,629 signatures were required to list Towne on the ballot, the campaign submitted far more in excess. The Republocrat competition has until August 9th to challenge the signatures.

Towne had to file about four times more signatures than his opponents. Republocrats must file 0 signatures for the general election and just 1,000 to be listed in their primary elections.

Candidates for President of the United States, Governor of Pennsylvania, and U.S. Senator file just 2,000 signatures.

Towne thanked his volunteers saying, “Thank you all for working so hard to give the people a chance to avoid their annual dosages from the failed Arsenic Party of the “Right” and the Cyanide Party of the “Left.” It is time to restore fiscal sanity to the federal budget and stop the endless debt and endless wars!”

Towne is a chemical engineer who worked in the semiconductor industry prior to running for office as an independent private citizen, including the past 4 years in Asia. Towne has promised to accept only the median household income and not enlist in the congressional health care or pension plans. The remainder of the $174,000 salary will be donated to local non-profit hospitals. He also champions sound money and a novel-yet-simple form of accountable and transparent government, “Our Open Office.”