Have elections become auctions?

Are politically based television and talk radio programs open and inclusive to all viewpoints?

Do the names Thom Hartmann, Rob Kall, Richard and Kate Mucci, Laura Flanders, William K. Black, Michael Parenti or Ravi Batra sound familiar?

The answer to the first question, Yes. Without money to feed the media the average citizen has a difficult if not impossible task of winning an election. Exceptions are few and far between. Fact: Jesse Ventura became Governor of Minnesota on a $ 300,000.00 bill. I raise this issue because of information I obtained while watching Conspiracy Theory on TruTV. During a recent episode of this weekly show, Governor Ventura said, “Soon after becoming governor, I was summoned to the basement of the Minnesota Capitol where I was questioned by a cordial and respectful gathering of over 30 CIA agents. What they wanted to know was how did I win the 1998 election as an Independent?”

“Note” To date, Jesse Ventura is the highest ranking Reform Party winner since becoming a political party in 1996. Fact: Since 1996, the mainstream press has shown little if any interest in covering the mission, principles or candidates of the populist Reform Party of the United States of America.

To answer the second question, since 1992, I’d say talk radio has swung right of center. Independent or left of center radio shows are few and far between. Political television programming has taken on more of a corporate approach rather than left or right. What’s good for corporations makes the nightly newscast or is political fodder for the Sunday morning political shows.

The fact that few have ever heard of the names listed in question 3 makes my point. Professional broadcasters such as Thom Hartmann have earned a spot to host a political news or opinion show for a major network. The fact that none of the mainstream broadcasters want populist opinion entering into the public debate proves my point of media bias and internal media corruption. With the exception of Lou Dobbs, the same absence of progressive or independent hosts in mainstream radio exist, and it isn’t because of lack of talent or lack of demand for populist/progressive content.

In essence, the mainstream media is in the business of dumbing down Americas body politic. In a democracy this reality has worked to weaken or eliminate the “consent of the governed” from the entire political equation.

Do America a favor, send this page as a link to everyone in your inbox. And, Google the names in question 3 for the populist truth and nothing but…