“Deny, Degrade and Defeat.”  Those were the words used by U.S. Navy Admiral Mike Mullan who’s also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in reference to the insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When I heard these terms I could relate them as the very same tactics being used against the populist movement in America. Just tonight on CNN a senior political analyst stated, “A third party could never grow well in the U.S.” The discussion that prompted this response was how those in America who are against current free trade policies are as CNN states, “isolationists.” I’m reminded of a gubernatorial election held in Minnesota in 1998 as a excellent example of how third parties can gain traction and win elections. Perhaps CNN’s senior political expert on the dissemination of government sponsored propaganda can explain how Jesse Ventura and the Reform Party won in 1998?

Isolationist? Advocates of “fair trade” are immediately branded by the MSM as someone who wants to “isolate” America? That’s a boldfaced lie. CNN should be held accountable for this brand of unethical news reporting. When provided with equal access to media and political debates, underfunded Independent populists can and will win public office.

What CNN is doing is pure U.S. media/U.S. government propaganda that feeds and supports the high level of corruption found at every level of American government.

In today’s economy, fair trade policies that provide for good paying U.S. jobs are exactly what’s needed. The elitist created NAFTA, GATT, derivatives, liars loans and bailouts. Those in positions of absolute power have placed their personal wealth and corporate greed ahead of democracy, equality and most important of all, justice. We know the elitist created Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, odds are great that they created President Obama as well?

Wolf Blitzer, I wish you and others like you would retire. Open, inclusive, fair, ethical public debate and proactive action is what America needs right now. The status quo pro elitist attitudes cannot be allowed to dominate and drive public opinion. Aren’t we a nation of checks and balances? Name calling such as protectionist or isolationist must go. The truth must prevail.

The populist movement began in 1992 as United We Stand America and has never fully gone away. What the populist movement needs is a seat at the table. The majority of all registered voters consider themselves Independent. Therefore, independent voices deserve equal time, respect and participation on corporate owned newscasts and programming.

The American people are in desperate need for the mainstream news media to come entirely clean. The MSM should be required by law to disclose all income from political elections. The era of auctioning off positions of political power (public office) must come to an end. Americans deserve free and fair elections, we have neither and the mainstream press is largely to blame, Why?

Steven Thompson, editor
Freedom From The [compromised and corrupted] Press